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A Day On Set With The LitePower 220KW Generator (1800 Amps)


“Dallas, Texas – I literally stumbled over a cable guard covering quite a length of cable that was attached to a rather impressive tow generator outside the Automobile Building of the Texas State Fair one day earlier this summer. I decided to take a closer look at this quietly humming beast when a thin gentleman in shorts and a t-shirt came walking out of the door where the cable went inside. He looked very intent and went directly over to the generator as I was approaching and began to open the upper left rear panel to read the digital output display unit which had large LED characters bright enough to be viewed in the direct sunlight. I quickly introduced myself and expressed an interest in this brand new looking piece of machinery. He explained that a television commercial was being produced inside the automobile building and that a Dallas camera rental house was supplying cameras along with this generator and grip and lighting. This LitePower generator, he energetically explained, was a 220KW generator capable of supplying 1800 amps of electricity powered by a Cummins 324 bhp diesel engine that meets EPA mobile off highway, Tier 3 Flex, California SCAQMD and CARB permitting requirements with a 200 gallon fuel tank; all small enough to park in a normal parking spot. Wow! I thought…

He went on, I didn’t stop him, to describe the pre lubrication system, the electronic frequency control, the microprocessor-based controller for pre fault system, that it has the MX321 auto voltage regulator, 400 amp circuit breakers, 22 hole Cam-lok E10/6 panel that includes 4 male ground, 4 female ground, 8 neutral, 4 C/L each hot leg one, two, three and two Edison 20A duplex and one 100A Union connector with separate breakers! The best was the auto op instructions: “TURN ON POWER” switch to “RUN”. I had to know, so I asked this knowledgeable man if I could possibly see what the heck this generator was supplying electricity to! At once he took me inside where I was immediately shocked to see a huge set where it looked like circus people were being shot out of cannons and colorful powder was exploding everywhere.  All around was a ring of very large bright lights and much cable. People everywhere.

I was told that the amount of lighting fixtures being powered by the generator was several, ranging from 18000 watts , 9000 watts, 4000 watts combined of HMI daylight, accumulating an amperage load that this geni had no problem dealing with.

I was very impressed. After 12 hours of standing around and watching, I could see no end to the work load for these amazingly talented crew people, so I shook everyone’s hands and bid myself adieu. As I made my way home in the dark, I thought to myself that the particular Dallas based rental house must have a very large investment in their business in order to service this motion picture industry that I was so very fortunate to have experienced a taste of on this long, hot summer day.”

The LitePower 220KW 1800 Amp generator is now available for rent at MPS Studios Dallas & MPS Camera Austin

Post Author: Michael Millmar